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Find joy in the work you do and the life you live.


What to Expect During Your Session:

        Each session is 1-hour in length. Sessions are virtually via Zoom. All sessions are tailored to your individual needs in order to help you go find joy in your career and life.

        During each meeting, we will use the Align Your Life Method. This method is the framework for each life coaching session and is customized to meet your individual needs. Using this method is proven to be beneficial to all my clients, and this is where the change occurs. When we are open to change, we are able to build a more fulfilling life for ourselves. In a matter of weeks, my clients have seen positive changes and growth in their careers and lives.

Coaching session options:

  • Virtually (via Zoom Meeting)

  • Text & Email (for check-ins only)

My Program Offers:

Align Your Life Experience

  • 6-week program   

  • 1:1 jump-start experience to help you create a plan and begin achieving results

  • Price: $997.00

Align Your Life Mentorship


  • 3-month signature program 

  • 1:1 more in-depth coaching to meet your individual needs

  • Includes intuitive card pulls

  • Gratitude journal                                     

  • For women who know what they want but need 1:1 support to achieve it

  • Price: $1497.00


Align Your Life Sisterhood

  • 3-month group program


  •  12 one hour weekly calls


  • For women who love the power of group settings and surrounding themselves with like-minded women with similar career and life goals

  • Price: $1111.00

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