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Episode 18: Love Life Now


In this last episode of season 1, I share the importance of loving life now despite what you are going through in your work and/or life. When you no longer allow a person or situation to take control over you, you are able to live in the present moment as well as fully embrace joy. After all, life is meant to be spent enjoying not filled with anxiety, fear or worry. You’re also not meant to overwork yourself to the point of burn-out. So, listen to this episode to learn how you can love life now. Thank you so much for listening to Love Life Now Podcast!

Huge shout out to my Podcast Producer & Strategist, Kim Parkinson, for all she does behind the scenes to make Love Life Now Podcast so amazing!

Special thank you to my parents for all their love, support, and guidance throughout the years and for everything they continue to do for me.

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Stay tuned for season 2, which is launching on Wednesday, May 3rd!


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