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How to Ditch the Sunday Blues, and Start Living a Fulfilled Life

Does anyone else hate the sound of the alarm clock on a Monday morning?

The piercing ringing noise you wish you could snooze forever. There was a time that Sundays were the worst day of the week for me. In fact, I dreaded the entire weekend because I knew it would always come to an end way too quickly.

Here’s the thing, most people believe that is how life is meant to be lived - work all week at a job you don’t really like, and live for the weekends. The only problem is when Sunday rolls around, and you’ve realized you’ve spent most of your weekend dreading the work week ahead instead of enjoying the present moment.

I get why we think this is the only way. The majority of people we know live the same way. It’s how our society is conditioned to live, but it doesn’t mean you have to live that way too.

To be honest, more and more people carve their path and find what fulfills them. So, now is the best time to start questioning if the life you’ve built fulfills you.

If it is, great!

You’re among a small group of people who enjoy their life the way it is. The statistics vary depending on the source, but an article written in Inc. states 70% of people aren’t satisfied with their careers.

I’ve read similar articles that state as high as 85% of people aren’t satisfied with their careers.

Either way, those numbers indicate that most people aren’t satisfied in their careers and are likely to continuously press snooze on Monday morning.

However, it doesn’t mean you have to follow the majority of people. You have the choice to choose a different path. The question is, “Do you have the courage to do it?”

It takes courage to go against society – do what most people won’t dream of doing. If you’re considering making the leap and changing things up in your life, I want to share what helped me do the same.

A few years ago, I decided to start my life coaching business, Love Life Now Coaching, and without these four things, it would have made the transition a lot harder.

Remember, I said it takes courage to go against the norms of society, but if you set yourself up for success, it can help minimize the doubts, fears, and people in your life that tell you you’re nuts to follow a path that is different from the norm.

So, here’s what helped me, and I hope will help you as you find your purpose in life:

Do Things Daily That Brings You Joy

This doesn’t have to do with work at all. In fact, I suggest you create daily habits that bring you joy that isn’t associated with work. For example, start a new hobby, get out in nature, go to the gym, or try new recipes in the kitchen. When we focus daily on the things that bring us joy, we create more of that in our lives. The problem most people have is that they focus only on what they hate about their life and career. What that does is attract more of what you don’t want in their life.

Take Time Each Week to Celebrate

It could be as simple as curling up on the couch or getting takeout on Friday to celebrate accomplishing another week. After all, we all go through times when we don’t enjoy what we do, but just being alive is a gift in itself. Cherish that! The more you celebrate, the more good vibrations you start to cultivate, and the more positivity will start to come into your life.

Contemplate What Would Fulfill You

Most times, people know they aren’t fulfilled, but they have no clue what would fulfill them. We as a society don’t spend enough time contemplating and self-reflecting to listen to what path to take in life. This is probably why you’re going through the motions right now. You haven’t stopped to contemplate what you even want, and you can’t create the life you want if you don’t even know where you’re going.

Master Your Mindset

Mindset is everything. It’s the difference between getting what you want and not getting what you want. So, if you’re unfilled in your life and career, focus on where your thoughts go. For example, what are you saying to yourself as you drive to work? What are you saying as the alarm is going off each morning? What are you saying when a challenging or stressful situation occurs?

If you find yourself only thinking about the negative, focus on shifting your mindset. For example, instead of saying, “I have to… (go to work, begin my workday, take the kids to school, etc.), tell yourself, “I get to… (insert what you have to do). By shifting our thinking, we shift our thoughts, and eventually shift our world. A whole new perspective will surround you once you start to erase negativity in your lives.

These four steps are what I use with clients to start to set them up for success and are part of my Align Your Life Sisterhood program that I’m launching in the New Year. I invite you to join the waitlist if any of this resonates with you, you have the courage to pursue your passion, but know you need support to achieve it.

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