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Living an Aligned Life in 4 Easy Steps

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

The word alignment is a buzzword right now. Most people have no idea what living an aligned life even means.

You might be feeling that way right now, am I right?

You hear the phrases like...

“Live your purpose.”

“Get into alignment.”

“Pursue your passion.”...just to name a few.

They sound great, but if only it were that easy.

That’s the problem with these buzzwords. What exactly does ‘alignment’ mean, and how do you get into ‘alignment?’ When people talk about getting into alignment, they rarely offer practical ways for someone to achieve alignment or live your purpose.

That is why I want to offer four easy steps you can take right now to start living an aligned life.

No fluff.

No self-development babble (that no one really understands).

These real practical steps will help you identify where you’re out of alignment and how to realign your life so that you live true to your purpose.

Here we go!

1. Get Clarity on What You Really Want

The first step to changing anything in your life is gaining clarity. Clarity allows you to understand what parts of your life no longer feel aligned or desired. The biggest misconception about living an aligned life is that all is well once you’ve discovered what’s in alignment with your purpose and goals. This is not true. We are always evolving and expanding as human beings. Sometimes what we once resonated with or felt good about, we might not enjoy or like anymore.

For example, five years ago, you enjoyed living a single life with no real care in the world. You traveled, shopped, and lived alone. S. However, now, you desire to find someone to share your life with, which means your priorities have shifted and changed. What was true for you five years ago isn’t true for you now. To align yourself with what you want now, you’ll have to gain clarity around the type of partner and life you’re looking to build.

This is where most people get it wrong. They know they want something different but don’t spend the time really figuring out what they want. I’m talking specifics. Write down the type of job or partner you want to attract. Also, write down the things you don’t want. It’s this clarity that helps you get crystal clear on what you want and allows you to manifest it into reality.

2. Understand What Parts of Your Mindset is Holding You Back

If you don’t believe it’s possible to achieve what you want, it won’t happen. However, it goes beyond just believing in something or stating what you wish for it to come true. After all, our subconscious mind is a reflection of our reality.

For example, if you want to get out of debt but you believe you’re terrible with money or you spend it as fast as you make it, you’ll continue to struggle with money. It’s that simple. Similarly, if you want to find a fulfilling job or career that you love, but don’t believe this is possible, then chances are you never will (or it might just take that much longer to achieve this).

So, if you’re clear on what you want but you’re struggling to achieve it, my guess is that something in your subconscious is holding you back or creating resistance. So, to achieve what you want in life, you have to look within yourself and within your beliefs.

3. Set Specific, Measurable, Actionable Goals

Katherine Paterson said, “A wish without a plan is just a dream.” And I couldn’t agree more.

Manifestation isn’t just about dreaming up the life you want. It requires action. You can’t take action if you don’t have specific goals you’re working towards. So, set two to three smaller goals every couple of months that lead to your bigger goal or vision. Unfortunately, this is where a lot of people struggle. They try to accomplish their bigger goal overnight.

This often leaves them discouraged, overwhelmed, and lacking focus. If you’re feeling this way right now, you’re likely trying to do all the things, and as a result, nothing is working.

4. Get Support from Someone You Trust

We often overlook the power of support, but more importantly, accountability. There is no shame in getting help. In fact, most of us need that support if we want to achieve our goals. Sure, you can try to do it alone, but it will likely take you so much longer than you want it to.

Most of the women I work with say they want to feel unfulfilled because they’re not doing what they love. Some of them long to find a job that is appreciated and supported, while others want to start a business that lights them up. Unfortunately, due to their lives not being where they want them to be, they often feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and lack the energy to push through.

Often, I hear women say they haven’t reached out for support until now because they felt they could do it alone. It wasn’t until they hit rock bottom that they knew they needed help.

Have you accomplished your goal or desire by doing it alone?

Chances are you haven’t.

If If you want to quit making excuses and once and for all achieve what you desire, I invite you to get the support to help you get to where you want to go. That is why I have opened up the waitlist for the Align Your Life Sisterhood 3-month group coaching program, which starts January 2022. By the end of the program, you will feel fulfilled, joyful, and energized, all while accomplishing what you desire.

Click to join the waitlist and be in the know when doors officially open. Don’t miss your opportunity to make 2022 the best year ever with support and sisterhood by your side.

I’d also love to hear from you, so please reach out and tell me your biggest takeaway from this blog. (Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for the waitlist for my group program).

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