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Stop Giving This One Powerful Thing Away If You Aren’t Fulfilled in Your Life

A few years ago, I remembered feeling like a total victim of my circumstances. I was being scrutinized at work, and I didn’t feel like I had a choice to make things better. Instead, I found myself blaming others for my unhappiness.

You know it sounds something like this…

It was the person scrutinizing me that made me unhappy.

It was the annoying co-worker that made work suck.

It was the driver who cut me off in traffic that ruined my day.

Sound familiar?

Most people blame others or what is going on around them as the reason for their unhappiness. I get it. It’s our natural tendency as humans to operate from the victim mentality.

From this place, we give away our power to the very thing we are blaming for why we aren’t happy or fulfilled.

When in reality, we all have a choice – a choice to change our circumstances even when we feel like there is no other way. The problem most people face is choosing to do the same old thing repeatedly. However, doing this is committing not to change your current situation.

I know change is scary, but as my first coach, Kristen Werblow, asked me on our free clarity call back in 2015, “Do you want to stay stuck forever?”

Without a doubt, I knew the answer was no. Finally, I reached my breaking point, and I was tired of giving away my power. So, let me ask you the same question, “Do you want to stay stuck forever?”

If the answer is no, make a conscious choice to change your current situation to create a life you truly love – one where you feel vibrant and energized and one that fulfills you and brings you happiness and joy.

If you’re saying, “Great advice Meena, but where the heck do I start?”

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here are three tips to help you change your current situation:

1. Take Time to Reflect

Awareness is the first step to making a change in your life, and it all starts with taking the time to reflect. So, dig deep, and ask yourself what you want and why you want it. Keep in mind that this process takes time, so don’t rush to find an answer. Some other questions you can ask yourself to dig a little deeper are:

What are some of your goals or desires?

What don’t you like about your current situation and why?

What fulfills you in life currently and keeps you up at night?

What energizes you?

What do you do for fun?

2. Take Aligned Action Towards Your Dreams

Manifesting your dream life requires you to take action. You can’t just put it on a vision board and expect it to come to fruition. Instead, choose 1-3 action steps you will take right now that align with the change or changes you want to make.

Taking aligned action steps is key to creating the life you want. But, unfortunately, this is where most people get it wrong. They either do all the manifesting tactics like creating vision boards or affirmations, but they don’t put it into action, take action, nor are they aligned with their goals and desires.

3. Ask for Support and Accountability

Most people need support and accountability to accomplish their goals. So don’t be afraid to ask for help. Reaching out to a coach is the best way to help yourself change your current situation. It’s incredibly beneficial to get this type of support, especially if people in your life doubt you or don’t believe in what you want to pursue.

Remember, we all have a choice to make the changes we want in our life, and Laurie Buchanan says it perfectly, “Whatever you aren’t changing, you are choosing.”

So stop giving away your power to outside circumstances, and don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of your happiness. Your current situation is not the end all be all. Things can change at any moment. In fact, I recently got into a bad car accident and totaled my car. I now have a broken tailbone that has caused me excruciating pain, yet I learned something from it all. Life is unpredictable. The more you embrace change, the more you will feel comfortable when changes occur in your life.

You got this!!

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