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Why Goal Setting is Only Half the Equation to Achieving What You Want

The energy in December is always a mix of excitement for the year ahead and reflection for what has passed.

Not to mention all the emotions surrounding the holidays. For some of you, it’s such an exciting time where you get to see family and friends. However, some of you might be feeling lonely or sad for various reasons. Therefore, there are often mixed emotions during this time.

Some of you might even feel anxious to be around your loved ones during the holidays.

No matter how you feel, I get it. What we feel right now at this moment is different for everyone.

So, instead of giving you tips or tools to help you, I’d like to offer you some questions to ponder as this year comes to an end and a new one is on the horizon.

Grab a journal, open notes on your phone, or simply sit here and read the questions and mentally answer them.

  1. What do you want for 2022?

  2. What are your goals, ambitions, and aspirations?

  3. Do you enjoy the work you currently do?

  4. Are you experiencing joy regularly?

  5. Are you living life to its fullest in alignment with who you are, or are you simply just going through the motions?

  6. What do you want most out of your life and the following year?

I hope you’re not just doing this as another exercise, hoping things will change. But, unfortunately, that’s not exactly how these things work.

If you want to experience fulfillment in life, the choice is ultimately yours. No one is coming to save you or do the work for you.

Ultimately, we are all responsible for the life we are living.

The problem is most of us either sit in regret for the time passing or worry about what’s to come. It’s the past and future trap, as I call it.

We are either stuck in the past or afraid of the future, so we don’t do anything.

If you took the time to answer the above questions, my following invitation is to feel where there might be resistance in your body.

Does the goal feel scary?

Are the action steps you’re going to take feel doable?

What part of you wants this, and what role doesn’t?

Goal setting isn’t a new concept. You can buy a planner as many people do at the start of the year. Maybe you’ve already answered these questions at one time or another.

However, if you still aren’t 100% fulfilled, it’s not that your goals aren’t doable. It’s that something within you needs shifting.

That’s what I help women with inside my 1:1 program, Align Your Life Mentorship.

Imagine having a coach who understands where you are, has been where you have been (unfulfilled and utterly miserable in a job she no longer enjoyed), and can get you to where you want to be using her signature Align Your Life Method.

I help my clients set goals, take rapid action, and unpack the real reasons that hold people back. It’s why life coaching is so powerful.

By the end of the program, you will feel fulfilled in the work you do, joyful, energized, and fully taking charge of your life.

One last piece of advice, don’t be so eager for 2022 to appear that you forget to live in the moment and experience the joy that December and the holidays have to bring.

Instead, look for the beauty in each day, savor the moments, and remember to take time to unwind.

You deserve it!

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